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Mar 2nd, 2012

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Day by day it's easier to know the meaning of any word in a any language not only thank to the common desktop dictionaries but also to the the huge number of translators and dictionaries in the Internet.

Nar Dictionary is one of those desktop applications that take advantage of the online databases and offers us a remarkable dictionary that will make us to understand the world in other language. Its interface is simple but extremely useful and intuitive. You find a text box in the upper side of the interface, that's the box where you have to type the word you want to search and you'll see the results appear just below it.

But if we have to highlight only one feature of Nar Dictionary that is the feature that allows us to search a word immediately only pressing Control while having right-clicked the word we want to search for the meaning in the dictionary and Nar Dictionary will appear on screen showing the results in the different languages, according to your preferences.

Nar dictionary includes the following dictionaries that are updated frequently and automatically:

English-Spanish Dictionary
Spanish-English Dictionary
Turkish-English Dictionary
English-Turkish Dictionary
English-German Dictionary
German-English Dictionary
Chinese-English Dictionary
English-Chinese Dictionary
German-Turkish Dictionary
Turkish-German Dictionary
English-French Dictionary
French-English Dictionary
English-Italian Dictionary
Italian-English Dictionary
Italian-Turkish Dictionary
Turkish-Italian Dictionary

You can choose them in the settings list and you'll obtain the results found in the selected dictionaries.
Reviewed by Daniel Rivas

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Mar 2nd, 2012
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2.0 Oct 20th, 2008

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